Friday, January 22, 2010

January 21st

Okay, today will make up for it! I have to have two photos.. I could not decide! This first one is very interesting to me... A few years ago, Kelly and I took a road trip from Arizona to check out some schools along the way. We were staying in hostels, and this is the one we stayed in, in Portland. Across the street is a coffee shop called World Cup. I remember after my tour of Lewis and Clark going to that coffee shop to look over some of the literature about the school and thinking, "Gosh, what a great school! What a great neighborhood! Wouldn't it be amazing if I got in, AND found a place to live in this neighborhood?" Fast forward to today, and now I am sitting in that coffee shop, looking at the hostel we stayed at, studying from my classes at LC, and living only a few blocks away. Funny how things turn out.

While Flagstaff was getting dumped with snow, it felt like spring in Portland. On my way home I noticed so many people in the park soaking in all the vitamin D they could. This juggler was pretty good!

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