Thursday, September 30, 2010

August 31st

Last official day in the apartment. I did some last minute cleaning, and took pictures of all the rooms to remember it. It was a great place, but on to greener pastures :)

August 30th

A surprise happy hour in Portland with Heather, and her friend Ann!

August 28th

After spending 5 days in the woods, back to reality with two crazy Clark brothers, in a new house. Aaron is trying his hardest not to smile..

August 27th

The Wilderness Therapy Crew!

Early morning swim.

My professor, in his element.

August 26th

My Solo spot, Wilderness Therapy, Day 4.

August 25th

Beacon Rock, a picnic lunch after a day of white water rafting. Wilderness Therapy, Day 3.

August 24th

Thought I would do a self portrait :) Wilderness Therapy, Day 2.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 23rd

The ecopsychology Earth Flag, first day of Wilderness Therapy... more to come.

August 21st

After picking up the keys to the new place, we decided to check out the new hood by going to Multnohmah Days.

August 20th

August 19th

A fun night of bowling turned into stolen bike lights, and riding back in the cross drama of cops with guns drawn. We made it home safely though :)

August 17th

Last game living in the 'hood...