Friday, January 30, 2009

Cardinals vs. The Steelers!!

Who'da thunk that 6 months ago, the Cardinals would make the Superbowl?? As a team that I never really liked, I have to admit, I will be routing for them on Sunday. They are the Cinderella team of the year! However,... they are playing the Steelers. If you remember, the Steelers cheated their way to "win" Superbowl against the Seahawks a few years back. One of our friends is a Steelers fan... (Kelly).... and if the Cardinals loose, we will never EVER hear the end of it. We still can't escape the constant tormenting from the Seahawk superbowl from years ago....

For every game we go to Malone's, a bar downtown, because the beers are cheap and the TV's are big! The last game we went to, the bartender asked what our plan was for the big game. We said we weren't sure... he offered that if we wanted to come to watch it there he would block off the whole upper bar just for us! Sold! We will be there dressed in red! Now, hopefully the Cardinals win! Tweet Tweet!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Years Eve

Since it was our last new years in town, I always wanted to be on top of Zane Grey where they drop the Pinecone from. For those who don't know, the Pine Cone Drop is a tradition of Flagstaff, and was even featured on MSN's Strangest New Years Eve Traditions. This year, we managed to get seats for us and 4 of our friends. The meal was super expensive, and pretty gross. They have good food as it is, but they changed their menu for a special New Years Menu, which was over priced, and fancy food that is more difficult to make. We were right in the front for the infamous Pine Cone drop and was able to see the whole thing!

Flagstaff stepped it up, and added fireworks this year!

Camilla's Challenge

I've been a bit neglectful with the blog. Other things have been taking over my life at the moment. I just noticed this challenge on Camilla's blog, so here it is!

Name 5 Things you are Addicted to:

1. Lately, Ginger Tea
2. Coffee in the morning
3. Laura Scudder's Peanut Butter
4. Thai food
5. checking my email

Now, do the following:
-Go to your pictures on file
-Pick the 6th folder
-Pick the 6th picture from the folder
-Publish it and say something about it
-Pass on to others.

Last summer, Aaron and I went to Hawaii for a wedding. Prior to the wedding, we hiked the Napali coast in Kauai. This photo was one of the first views of the sea that we saw after starting the trail. We were there for 5 days/4 nights and it was an amazing hike!

I'm passing this onto... Justin, Bayard's Den, and Sara