Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16th

Break dancing dog.. just another night.

August 14th

TOUR DE FAT! One of the best days of the year, time to celebrate the bicycle, and drink New Belgium beer! We've gone every year in Flagstaff, and now Portland, but this is the first year that we could partake in the bike parade, as we both have bikes now!

August 13th

This is for Ralph.. :o)

August 11th

Surprise pendant in the mail from my parents :)

August 9th

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 8th

August 7th

The Bite of Oregon!

August 6th

Serena's Wedding!

August 5th

Goodbye party for Hannah, Aaron's co-worker/friend is moving to California.

August 4th

Allie is in love with Aaron. When he first moved down to AZ, she was so afraid of men... now she will never snuggle with me.. only Aaron.

August 1st, 2010

We spent an evening at Sarah and Peter's house and some others in my program. They live on a farm with goats, horses and lots and lots of land. Very pretty!

July 31st

Creepy photo with my face.. this is at The Nook, a new place with an outdoor fire pit.

July 29th

Big day: great find at the Lewis & Clark Library, and it was our one year mark of being in Portland. We had a free hour of pool, so we decided to use it. In the morning, I was taking out the recycle, and noticed that the maintenance man was cutting back the roses.. I told him, "Don't cut them all, they are beautiful!" Later he showed up with a bouquet that he made for me. Funny stuff..

July 26th

Luna's new favorite toy, that she even sleeps with.

July 25th

Still.. Serena's Bachelorette party!

July 24th

Serena's Bachelorette party!

July 23rd

July 21st

Best dinner.... stuffed flank steak with green onions, potatoes and a whole bunch of other stuff.

July 20th

Aaron's ride to work... he's going to spread the word, on his first mission. HAHA! (Aaron, before you get upset.. you said it:)

July 19th

Aaron's new bike!!!

July 18th