Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Years Eve

Since it was our last new years in town, I always wanted to be on top of Zane Grey where they drop the Pinecone from. For those who don't know, the Pine Cone Drop is a tradition of Flagstaff, and was even featured on MSN's Strangest New Years Eve Traditions. This year, we managed to get seats for us and 4 of our friends. The meal was super expensive, and pretty gross. They have good food as it is, but they changed their menu for a special New Years Menu, which was over priced, and fancy food that is more difficult to make. We were right in the front for the infamous Pine Cone drop and was able to see the whole thing!

Flagstaff stepped it up, and added fireworks this year!

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Camilla ...or ecam :-) said...

LOOKS FUN!! And you are such a cutie, pretty girl ;) Weird how they change the menus like that. We had the same thing happen at a girls night out before xmas. A great place normally, but that night they did soemthing special, and it was just not the same... how BIG is that cone?!? Looks huge!