Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cuisine: Issue 73 February 2009

It's time I use this blog for other things. So, since most of us are getting the Cuisine magazine, and we all like to share our thoughts, I thought I would share mine from this issue. Also, I'm debating whether or not to share the recipes for those of you who don't have the magazine.. hmm.. I'll try without, but if anyone wants a recipe, let me know!

Oven Steamed Salmon with sweet and sour pepper sauce:
The picture looked amazing, and since we Aaron and I both love fish, especially salmon, of course we had to give it a try. First it calls for 4 salmon fillets each 4 oz each. We decided to only cook two fillets, but use the recipe for the 4 fillets from the sauce. We liked having more vegetables, so we didn't mind. You are supposed to steam the fish with water, but we opted to use a white wine instead of water, so we could have some of the wine flavor in the fish. Also, we finished the bottle of wine... duh... with the meal so it was a nice .... hm... what's the word I'm looking for. Compliment?

The pepper sauce asks for slivered almonds, but since Aaron can't eat nuts, we used about a Tablespoon of almond butter so we didn't have to sacrifice the flavor of the almonds. We just mixed the butter in while sauteing the rest of the vegetables. Some of the substitutions we used was lime instead of lemon juice, and cranberries instead of currants... isn't that pretty much the same thing? The final product?? AMAZING! So incredible, with different flavors.

We highly recommend if you like salmon, and even if you don't!!!


Sara said...

Hey Great idea!!!! Keep posting recipes!!!! I need new ideas:)

Camilla ...or ecam :-) said...

MMMmmmmmm... that sounds GOOOOD! Me want recipe pretty please