Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last weekend we decided to go and see the Suns game. We had been wanting to go to a basketball game for awhile, and finally got some cheap tickets. It also worked out as one of my customers wanted to do a bachelorette Passion Party the night before. We got a huge discount on our hotel as a friend of ours works there, and the hotel where the passion party was, was within walking distance from where we stayed. It worked out perfect! The Suns game was fun, as we are fans, since the Sonics is no longer... for now. We took the light rail to the game, which was only $2.50 a person, and we didn't have to worry about driving, or having a DD. Later that night, we hung out near out hotel and visited some bars. Tempe is where ASU is so, needless to say... it was a little wild. We felt old. We didn't quite have the ditzy sounding voice, nor the scampy clothes. We were also spending our money, rather than using Daddy's credit card. We did manage to find some nooks with cheap pizza and sandwiches. It was another great weekend!

enjoying a $6.00 beer.

I'm not sure what we were doing... must have been in the song.

Believe it or not it was Aaron that pulled Nicole to the dance floor. I've NEVER seen him volunteer, yet put others to dance.

Go Suns! ... we lost...

Nicole, Kristen, and Michelle

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