Monday, February 2, 2009

Secret Canyon

Last weekend we all decided to go on a mini backpacking trip to Secret Canyon in Sedona. The weather was perfect and it didn't rain on us at all. Kelly is leaving soon for Korea, so we will probably do this again next weekend as well. The trail first started out as dry and full of cacti. After heading into the canyon, there was moss and lots of water in the river beds. We had to cross about 6 or 7 times. All the melted snow was finally making it's way down the mountain. The water was delicious as well, as we brought our steripen so we didn't need to bring a bunch of water.

Kona actually walked in the water... willingly!!

Looking back before heading into the canyon.

I'm not sure why we all decided to slouch for this photo.

This was in the rock. It looks like a Bryce Canyon for ants.

My favorite picture.

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