Sunday, March 1, 2009

The rest!! Issue 73 Feb. 2009

We've tried a lot of recipes from this issue, so I will clump it all together for this blog.

Olive Boule: This bread was fantastic, but it took me all day. I know that is the nature of bread, but this really did take longer than I remember bread to take. If you do this recipe, I recommend using a linen cloth as it states in the recipe. I didn't have one, so when it came time to bake it, it shrunk a little from the rising process... resulting in a dense bread. Overall, very good!

Soba Noodle Salad with shrimp & peanut sauce: Fantastic!!! We followed the recipe and didn't make any changes. The only thing I would say for this one, is it makes a great lunch or potluck item. It's a cold salad, so if you want a hot meal for dinner, I don't recommend this. But for other things... absolutely!

Pan-seared Five Spice Tilapia with hot orange-ginger sauce: Yikes! This was a flavor explosion. It's rare to find a recipe that you don't like in this magazines, and this one definitely sets the bar up high! This is another fish recipe, but the flavors are so different and intense, that when combined they make you sink in your chair!

Thai Green Curry Chicken: Okay, I wasn't impressed with this one. The green curry didn't have much of a Thai curry flavor to it. The recipe also states to fry the chicken, but we opted to bake ours to make it a bit healthier. It wasn't bad, I just don't know if I'd make it again.

Alright, that's all we tried from this issue. We just received the next one and have already tried a recipe from it... good! I will post that one later!

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