Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chinook Book

Inspired by two lovely friends, Amber and Wendy, we decided to purchase a Portland Chinook Book. It's basically an Entertainment book, but designed more for local businesses. It sounded really great, but I still had a fear that it wouldn't be worth the money, so... I thought I would see just how much money it would save us. If any. Here is the first day of Chinook Book savings.

A **FREE** French Baguette from New Seasons? Why yes, thank you!

What? A **FREE** Sausage link of any flavor? We will take the Hot and Spicy please! Tonight's meal... sausage and veggie shish-kabobs. After leaving New Season's, we headed to our normal grocery store to pick up some other items for the week, and used a $10 off coupon. After the first day, the book has almost paid for itself!

Total Chinook Book savings day 1 = $14.85.

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