Monday, March 1, 2010

February 28th

FREE DINNER! After the rush of company, neither of us felt like cooking... One of Aaron's customers is the owner of this place we go play pool when we have friends in town. There is a restaurant in the first floor, but have never eaten there because it's 15-28 bucks a plate. Aaron struck up a conversation, and the owner gave us her business card with "Two Free Dinners." She just asked that if we liked to, to spread the word. Drinks were excluded, only by law, but we had a $50 dinner for $13. Wow... it was.... so...... GOOD! I had Fettucini con Funghi, which reminded me of beef stroganoff, and instead of bacon and beef it was sun-dried tomatoes and fresh mushrooms. Aaron had Prawns with Jalapeno Pesto which was also quite good and very spicy! What a great way to end a great month! Thanks Febraury, here's looking to March!

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