Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poo with a View!

The Grand Canyon was a very inspiring place, not only for the grandiose nature of size, but all the beauty all around. Pooing itself, can be a very contemplative experience, but add the best views, and you have my new inspiration: Poo with a View! Here are the best views of the pooper that I've yet to find. I challenge anyone to find a better Poo with a View.

Poo with a View #1: Hermit Creek, Grand Canyon

Toilet #1

The second toilet, was by clear creek campground. We did not stay here, but we filled up our water load, and emptied our "other" load! Clear Creek, Grand Canyon
Toilet #2

Toilet #2

Finally, here is Poo with a View #3. Horn Creek, Grand Canyon

View from the toilet!

The Toilet #3

So, which one did you like the best?